Commentary by Dave Dykes,
Speedway Scene Columnist and
Waterford Speedbowl Historian

     Waterford Speedbowl  "Hall of Famer" Dick Dunn started his career in the 1950's within the ranks of the Bomber Division, a class in which he took the checkers on seven different occasions during the 1959 & 60' campaigns. Having established himself as one of the more successful of Waterford regulars, Dunn developed a reputation of being a smooth & calculating racer - not unlike peers such as the great Don Collins & Bill Slater of V8 fame.

     When it came time to advance to the Modifieds - he was ready. Dunn's first triumph in the Bowl's premier division came in the form of a winning drive to take down the 1964 New England Championship event. Subsequent victories would take place in the years to come, but it wasn't until the early 1970's that he would really hit his stride. It was then that he would hook up with Peg & Al "Buddha" Gaudreau and their potent #3 "Buddha's Bullet" coupe.

     Dunn was literally the "Mr. Modified" of Waterford during the early to mid 1970's, taking down an ungodly amount of Modified victories, and also the Championship in 1972, '73, '74, and '75. The record of 4 consecutive Modified Championships remains unbroken to this day. In 1973 alone, he won 9 features, including extra-distance victories in the Schaefer 100, and the New England 100. It took fellow Waterford Legend Bob Potter to dethrone the Dunn/Gaudreau combination in 1976 (Potter, still active, lays claim to 6 Championships).

     Dunn would remain a big winner in the Gaudreau ride right up until his retirement at the dawn of the 1980's.

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Some of Dick's Rides through the Years

Photos are from the Collections of Dave Roode, Dave Dykes, Scott Haag Cliff Fuller and Donn Cote.
Photographers included Shaney Lorentz, Rene Dugas and Steve Kennedy

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