New Britain, CT. , produced racing stars such as Ed Flemke, Sr., George Flemke, George Lombardo, Reggie Ruggiero, Bert Brooks, Ronnie Rocco, Moe Gherzi, Ronnie Wycoff, Johnny Kay and a host of others, it also produced the not so famous.  New Britain native TOMMY ORMSBY,  started racing in the Modified Division at Plainville Stadium in 1968 while still in high school and continued to compete at Plainville through the 1970's until the close of the Stadium in the 80's. Tom also on occasion competed at Riverside Park Speedway, Islip Speedway, Hudson, N.H. Speedway, Thompson Speedway and White Lakes, N.Y. Raceway.  Tom is now retired from his long time state employment and living on a lake in suburban Connecticut.

The First Car 1968 - 1970

The Vo 1971 - 1972

The #60 1973 - 1974

The 4x 1975 - 1977

The #1 1978 +

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